Dear Conscience, Rest! For Thou Art Blessed (Hymn)

Dear conscience, rest! For thou art blessed, / At peace through Jesus’ merit.
Dear Conscience, Rest! For Thou Art Blessed: text by Anna Hahn; tune and setting by Nathanael Hahn. Sung by the Mount Hope Lutheran School Faculty Quartet: Hannah Engwall, Anna Hahn, Andrew Richard, Nathanael Hahn.

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Hymn Text

Dear conscience, rest! For thou art blessed,
At peace through Jesus’ merit.
Thine ev’ry sin He carried in
His sinless flesh, to bear it.
Iniquity no more shall be
Accounted thy possession:
Thy Brother said, “My blood I shed
To cover thy transgression.”

Lord, in Thy sight is darkness light;
My sins are set before Thee.
The righteousness that I possess
Would cover me most poorly.
Beneath Thy hand I cannot stand
While my transgressions grieve me;
To Thee I fly! O hear my cry!
Thou only canst relieve me.

Thy Word, O Lord, is sweetness poured
When fires of hell I’m feeling.
Thy comfort will my anguish still
When all my bones need healing.
If silent I should wasting lie,
O make me ever driven
To pardon seek, and hear Thee speak,
“Thy sins are all forgiven.”

Let none delay: confess and pray!
Repent as thou art bidden.
The godly one to Christ will run
And safe in Him be hidden.
Though waters rise before his eyes,
The Lord preserves him surely;
No flood of wrath shall reach his path:
The door is shut securely.

Lord, to my heart Thy Word impart
And give me understanding,
That I hold near in love and fear
Whate’er Thou art commanding.
My Savior, Thou wilt ever now
With steadfast love surround me—
My soul is Thine! Thy joy is mine;
With gladness Thou hast crowned me.


Anna Hahn

Anna Hahn is the 3rd-5th teacher at Mount Hope Lutheran School in Casper, WY.

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