We teach and guide people to establish and maintain Christian culture in the home, Church, and state, specifically with an aim towards creating a school where Lutherans learn a classical, Christian education, and can meet, marry, and learn to raise families, support local congregations, and be the salt of the earth.
Christian Culture: A Magazine for Lutherans.

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Recent Articles

A Word from the President

I believe that confessional Lutheranism is the best expression of Christianity on earth, evidenced by our soteriology and sacramentology. It is the true Church as established in the inerrant Holy Scripture.

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No Greater Love (Poem)

The editors of Christian Culture received ten entries for our first poetry contest, representing 6 states and 5 graduating classes of prospective LCC students. Thank you to all who entered, and congratulations to Julia on winning the contest!

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Review: Romeo and Juliet

People are overwhelmed unto death by forces larger than their own lives, but which also include their own virtues and vices. That’s the classical meaning of tragedy, it happens in real life all the time, and Christians should meditate deeply upon it. 

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