Our Lord to Heaven Now Ascends (Hymn)

Our Lord to heaven now ascends; Captivity is captured!
Our Lord to Heaven Now Ascends: text by Mark Preus, arrangement by J. S. Bach, alt. from a chorale setting. Sung by the Mount Hope Lutheran School Faculty Quartet: Anna Hahn (soprano), Hannah Engwall (alto), Andrew Richard (tenor), Nathanael Hahn (bass).

Our Lord to heaven now ascends;
Captivity is captured!
From heaven’s gates to all earth’s ends
Believers’ hearts are raptured,
For hope has seized them from despair,
As Christ their Lord rules everywhere,
And hell and Satan cower.
Then who would not be glad today,
When Christ, who washed our sins away,
Claims all His royal power?

All things that hurt your heart and mind,
Your sins, the world, the devil,
See Jesus now in shackles bind;
He casts down all that’s evil.
Beneath His feet our foes now fall,
But we who here have heard His call,
Are bowing in contrition,
And ask in humble confidence
That He would plead our souls’ defense
And save us from perdition.

Arise and hear the Conqueror’s word,
“I rule because I love you,
I am your Brother and your Lord,
Nor am I far above you,
But where you are but two or three,
With My own flesh and blood I’ll be,
And feed you with My merit;
Receive these gifts from Me, your Lord,
The sacraments and living Word,
And thus your home inherit.

“What Satan builds, I’ll tear it down,
What I build stands unshaken;
The pride that unbelievers own
Will soon all be forsaken.
For every knee to Me shall bow,
No other god will I allow,
Than Me, the only Savior;
Come unto Me, you poor and meek,
Here in my wounds forgiveness seek
And live with Me forever.”


Mark Preus

Rev. Mark Preus is Pastor of St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church in Laramie, WY.

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