Jesus, Lord of Day and Night (Hymn)

Be my prayer, as day is ending, Incense unto Thee ascending.
Jesus, Lord of Day and Night: text by Anna Hahn; tune and setting by Nathanael Hahn. Sung by the Mount Hope Lutheran School Faculty Quartet: Anna Hahn, Hannah Engwall, Andrew Richard, Nathanael Hahn.


Hymn Text

Jesus, Lord of day and night,
Thou who callest all to being,
Word by Whom created light
First was gathered into evening—
Be my prayer, as day is ending,
Incense unto Thee ascending.

As Thou cam’st to sinful man
In the evening in the garden
When Thy judgment’s curse began,
Yet didst promise grace and pardon—
Jesus, come and show my errors,
Clothe my shame, and end my terrors.

As Thou didst at daylight’s end
Show the waters had abated,
And didst life and comfort send
By the dove Thy saints awaited—
Lord, send comfort by Thy Spirit
Till I shall Thy life inherit.

As Thou didst in Jacob’s flight
Pledge that Thou wouldst ne’er forsake him,
Showing him Thy heaven’s height
Where his Seed at last would take him—
Gate of Heav’n, as sleep comes o’er me,
Ever set Thyself before me.

As Thou didst Thine Israel seal
On the eve of their salvation
By the blood and paschal meal,
Safe from death and condemnation—
Lamb of God, be my defender;
Let no harm my dwelling enter.

As from David’s wicked foes
Ev’ry evening Thou didst shield him—
Though their lies would round him close,
Thy protection still concealed him—
Savior, when the Foe pursues me,
Never let his lies accuse me.

As upon that evening blest
When Thou borest our transgression,
Thou wast laid awhile to rest
Till the morn of resurrection—
Son of God, do not forsake me;
In the morning come and wake me.

Blessed Jesus, here abide,
For the hour of night is nearing!
Stay and never turn aside;
Haste the day of Thine appearing
When Thy light shall leave me never,
And I’ll dwell with Thee forever!

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Anna Hahn & Nathanael Hahn

Anna Hahn is the 3rd-5th grade teacher at Mount Hope Lutheran School in Casper, WY. Nathanael Hahn is an Upper Level Teacher at Mount Hope Lutheran School in Casper, WY.

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