No Greater Love (Poem)

The editors of Christian Culture received ten entries for our first poetry contest, representing 6 states and 5 graduating classes of prospective LCC students. Thank you to all who entered, and congratulations to Julia on winning the contest!

Of a Faithful Pastor

My conscience is at rest, and I rejoice / That through my shepherd speaks my Shepherd’s voice!

Perfect Love (Poem)

O Love, You grant me and my wife / To be a picture of Your grace, / To live the sacrificial life, / Until we reach that place / Of marriage feasting up above / And live with You, our Perfect Love.

Ascension Day (Poem)

“Rejoice,” said one, “that blossom’s time has ceased, / For only then the fruit, and harvest-feast.”

Commentary on Rudyard Kipling’s “If—”

The indifference to circumstance, the stress on self-reliance and endurance, and the utter belief that no one but you can hurt your virtue—all these fall squarely into classic Hellenistic philosophy.

Aeterna Pax Iesu (Poem)

The Lord His saints will ever bless, / As He has always done, and make me know / And with the cloud of witnesses confess, / “Aeternam pacem Iesu habeo!”

Cantate Domino (Poem)

Christ made the dirge of death to fail. / No more shall wail / The choristry / Of saints, for we shall be / The fugal echoes of our Lord.