The So-Called “Social Gospel”

So that is the aim of the social gospel, to establish the kingdom of Christ, the kingdom of heaven, the kingdom of God here on earth, as an outward visible organization.

Reformation of Education in Wittenberg: A Model for Today

The students flocked to Wittenberg because they wanted a serious and practical education that would prepare them to live life in the home and the state and the church. Students today are looking for the same thing, and they are finding it in classical colleges.

The Disrespect for Marriage Act

Misguided politicians bartered away God’s definition of marriage in return for institutional protections, but not individual protections. In so doing, they agreed to label dissenters as discriminators.

Transgenderism and the End of the Church Growth Movement

But on a fundamental level, the reason congregations don’t grow is because people love their sins, hate their Savior, and are not hearing a clear confession that will call them out of the darkness and into God’s marvelous light. The only solution to that problem is the Word of God.

Sanctified Imagination

Preaching and teaching the Word made flesh liberates the imagination from this world’s false and crippling vision of reality, and once again brings the imagination into an encounter with the one and only true and living God through Immanuel, “God with us.”

The Wittenberg Option in Casper, Wyoming

If today’s Christians need encouragement in preserving and creating a healthy Christian culture in our increasingly secular society, they do not have to study in a large university in a big city. They can look at the story of tiny, isolated Wittenberg in the sixteenth century.