A Word from the President

I believe that confessional Lutheranism is the best expression of Christianity on earth, evidenced by our soteriology and sacramentology. It is the true Church as established in the inerrant Holy Scripture.

American Christianity: Origins and Introductions

Why have we decided to take up this task of chronicling and introducing the various movements in American Christianity? The answer is very simple. We must know from where we have come to see where we are.

Educational Philosophy of Luther Classical College

Before the Greeks began philosophizing, when Romulus had barely built Rome, King Hezekiah “did what was good and right and true before the Lord his God” (2 Chronicles 31:20), beautifying the temple and purging it of idolatry.

The Lutheran Missal Project

The ancient series of lessons and prayers referenced by the Book of Concord is the Church’s historic Lectionary, a series of appointed Bible readings (lections), psalm verses, and prayers to be used within the Divine Service for nearly every day of the Church Year.

Art in Our Lutheran Churches

In our contemporary culture, glutted as it is with cheap, fake images and thoroughly starved of real beauty, Lutherans would be wise to recover not only the pedagogical dimensions of art to teach, but the metaphysical power of art to communicate via beauty.