Getting to Know the Fathers: Athanasius

That the ordinances which have been preserved in the Churches from old time until now, may not be lost in our days, and the trust which has been committed to us required at our hands; rouse yourselves, brethren, as being stewards of the mysteries of God, and seeing them now seized upon by others.

Getting to Know the Fathers: The Venerable Bede

Diligent in his study of the Scriptures and of the Church’s theology, serious in his prayers, arduous and thorough in his work as priest and scholar, [Bede] is a shining example to all who take their faith and their vocations seriously.

Getting to Know the Fathers: Bernard of Clairvaux

Bernard had such a longing for Christ. Though he was as complex as any sinner-saint, and though we might well find fault with some of the positions he maintained and the things he did, he was consistent in this: he preached Christ Jesus.

Getting to Know the Fathers: Ignatius of Antioch

Behind all of Ignatius’ words and teaching is the heart of a true pastor and follower of Jesus. His concern, like that of St. Paul, was always the welfare and faithfulness of the individual Christians who made up the congregations to which he wrote, and the welfare of those congregations corporately.