O Jesus Christ, Your Supper Is (Hymn)

The blood You spilt / Removes my guilt, The body that You give me is salvation
O Jesus Christ, Your Supper Is: text by Mark Preus; tune and setting from TLH 81; chorale setting on stanzas 3, 6, 9, and 12 by Nathanael Hahn. Sung by the Mount Hope Lutheran School Faculty Quartet: Hannah Engwall (soprano), Anna Hahn (alto), Andrew Richard (tenor), Nathanael Hahn (bass).

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Hymn Text:

1 O Jesus Christ, / Your Supper is
The heavenly manna that has here sustained me;
For here Your Word / Gives me my Lord,
And all Your body and Your blood have gained me.

2 My heart prepare / By grace You share
With every sinner who has seen his sinning;
Jesus, set free / Unworthy me
From unbelief which is my sin’s beginning.

3 I will not doubt, / Though liars shout
That You cannot reach earth while still in heaven;
Your promise clear / Tells me You’re here
To feed my soul and speak my sins forgiven.

4 You, God and Man, / Most surely can
Be with us always to the end of ages;
You fill all things, / Your Spirit brings
All You have promised in the Scriptures’ pages.

5 You give to me / What on the tree
Was offered once for Adam and his children;
What for me died / Is here supplied
To lift from my weak soul sin’s heavy burden.

6 Your blood most pure / Is heaven’s cure
For all my falling and my conscience-terrors;
What here I taste, / It has erased
Sin’s every single stain and all its errors.

7 How often I / In weakness sigh
For strength that cannot come from me, a mortal;
How often You / Still speak what’s true
And show me in Your wounds Your heaven’s portal.

8 The blood You spilt / Removes my guilt,
The body that You give me is salvation;
By faith I see / You joined to me
To rescue me from death and condemnation.

9 Dear Paschal Lamb, / You will not damn
The one who here in faith receives Your merit;
Washed in Your blood, / God calls me good
And shows my soul the glory I’ll inherit.

10 Christ, give to me / The will to see
That love for others is the greatest gladness;
And help me bear / The cross and care
That often cloud our minds with so much sadness.

11 Lord, let me hide / Where is supplied
The body at which death and hell must cower;
There let me feast / Till sin has ceased
And in my weakness You reveal Your power.

12 My song I raise / In thanks and praise
To You, my Lord and Brother, Friend and Savior;
Give faith and love, / Until above
I feast with all Your saints and You forever.


Mark Preus

Rev. Mark Preus is Pastor of St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church in Laramie, WY.

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